A Gallery of Readers
weekly writing workshops in Northampton, Massachusetts

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For more information about joining one of the writing workshops, please email Robin or Carol.
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Carol Edelstein


Carol Edelstein, c. 1955, of Northampton, Massachusetts, lives within a mile of where she was born. With her husband, Robin Barber, she leads writing workshops and organizes a reading series that features local writers. She has led a weekly Thursday writing group in Northampton, Massachusetts since September, 1988.  She is a poet (The Disappearing Letters, 2005, Perugia Press, Florence, MA), fiction writer, and essayist whose work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including Denver Quarterly, The Georgia Review, and Flash Fiction (W.W. Norton, Inc).

Carol Edelstein can be contacted at (413) 584-7080; caroledelstein[at]galleryofreaders.org.



Editor, A Gallery of Readers Anthology, twenty years of fiction & poetry, Gallery of Readers Press, Northampton, MA, 2010.
The Disappearing Letters
(poetry), Perugia Press, Florence, MA, 2005.
The World Is Round (poetry), Amherst Writers and Artists Press, 1994.
36 Questions (self-published chapbook of prose poems), 2002.
Editor,  A Gallery of Readers, double anthology of fiction, poetry and pieces for theatre, Smith College, Northampton, MA, Vols. 1 (1994) and 2 (1996).

Upstreet (#11, 2015): "In the Free Box"
Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, (Vol. XXIV, No.3 Fall 2014): Four Poems: Autobiography; Channel; Following You To the Bridge; The Yellow Dog
Alaska Quarterly Review, (Vol. 30, #1/2, Spring 2013): “It’s The Black End of a Blue Day”
Berkeley Poetry Review (#42, 2012): "Translator's Notes: Self-portrait with Beloved"
Open Field (anthology; 2011): "The Half-Life of Grief," "Lemon Ice 1967," "Past Repair"
The Georgia Review, (Winter 2011): "Close As I Can Get To Prayer"
The Massachusetts Review, (Fall, 2006): “Buried”
Alaska Quarterly Review, (Summer 2001): "Icarus Descending"
The Georgia Review, (Summer 2000, Vol LIV, No. 2): "Whole Note"
Conduit, (Summer 99, #77):  "Kindred Spirit"
WordWrights! (#4, Fall 1995): "If Maria Declined to Observe Halley's Comet"
                                                "Why This Happiness"     "After Korean Proverbs"
Earth's Daughters, (Issue #45 1995) "I Worked All Night"
The Georgia Review, (Vol. XLVIII, #4 Winter 1994): "Charm To Be Read In TheYear 3,494"
Xanadu 2, (anthology/ St. Martin's Press, 1994): "Japanese Fan With Waterfall"
Sanctuary/The Journal of The Massachusetts Audubon Society, (Vol.32, #3/ 1993): "Cloud Diary"
Widener Review, (8, 1991): "Surrounded Islands"
The Plum Review, (#2/1991): "At Midnight In The Temporary Ponds"
Tikkun, (July/August 1990): "How To Welcome The Dead"
Kalliope, (Vol.XII, #2/1990): "Orchard" "Sunday Night Rapids"
The Grecourt Review, (Vol.XXXI, #1/1989): "Waking Beside You"
Embers, (Vol XIII, #2/1989): "Mount Equinox"
Green Mountains Review, (Vol.IV, #1, 1990): "Polishing The Hardware"
                                                "Marriage Song"   "Today"
Yellow Silk, (Issues #28/1988 and "#33/1990): "Small Charms"  "Desire"
Denver Quarterly, (Vol 23 #2, Fall 1988): "Open"
The Colorado Review, (Vol.XIV, #2 1987): "Plants and Animals"      "Rice"
                             "A Seamstress Remembers The Louisiana State Fair"
Peregrine, (1986, 1987, 1989):  "Fishing"  "Someone"  "First Sips" "Nothing Winged"
Poet's On... (1982):  "Bread"
The Heart Throb Review, (1979):  "Tuesday"

Alaska Quarterly Review, (Vol. 31, #3/4, Fall 2014) “The Bad Thief”
Alaska Quarterly Review, (Vol. 30, #3/4, Fall 2013) "Jeremy Rabinowitz is Available"
Flash Fiction
(anthology/ Norton, 1992): "232-9979"
Epoch (Vol 37, #3/1988): "Robbie and Me", "Scraps"
Word of Mouth (anthology/The Crossing Press, 1990): "Breakfast"
Word of Mouth 2 (anthology/The Crossing Press, 1992):  "Hatrack", "Shortcut"
The Fiddlehead (#168/1991): Four Very Short Stories
Paragraph (#4/1988): "I go down the cellar to look..."
            (#5/1989): "I think I am lying down...."
             (#6/1989): "I stopped her because I was getting...
                                    "Proud I am to be here, in my black..."
                                    "Here one does a "swimming"..."
            (#9/1991): "First and foremost, she is a mother..."
            (#10/1992)"Yes, I did. I invented the doorknob.."
                                    "This morning twelve devils..."
            (#11/1993):"He is buttoning fastidiously..."
            (#12/1993):"Over the sound of the car..."  
This Wood Sang Out
           (anthology/ The Literacy Project, Inc., 1995): "November 22, 1963"


1983   Wallace Stevens Award for Poetry, Hartford, Connecticut
2002    St. Botolph's Club Grant-In-Aid, Boston, Massachusetts